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PRO/Engineer  Workstation

Meadows Manufacturing is located in a modern 15,000 square foot facility in Santa Clara, California.  We utilize modern equipment that is constantly being updated.   We take great pride in the cleanliness and organization of our facility.

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Clean Facility

Computer Systems - Meadows has incorporated Visual Manufacturing to guarantee on time completion and delivery.  Visual Manufacturing tracks and controls your order from start to finish via bar code technology.  This allows access to determine the status of a given job at anytime.  Visual Manufacturing is designed to dynamically schedule all jobs according to due dates, priorities, resources and material availability.   The results: PARTS ARE DELIVERED ON TIME!

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Visual Manufacturing


Engineering Design and CAD/CAM - Meadows design engineering department utilizes multiple workstations with Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD  to assist and support your manufacturing requirements.

Meadows engineering department utilizes the following CAM software - PRO/ Manufacture and Master CAM.  This allows us to quickly verify your designs in CAM.  Thus, any changes or corrections are found before manufacturing begins.

E-mail your drawings to  We can accept the following file formats.

3-D Geometry:

.prt (Pro/E part file)


.igs (wireframe / surface)


.stp (wireframe / surface

2-D Geometry:

.dwg (AutoCAD drawing)


.dxf (AutoCAD drawing transfer file



Facilities List


Machining Centers


  • (1) Kitamura Mycenter X-44" x Y-22" x Z-22"
  • (4) Kitamura Mycenter X-30" x Y-18" x Z-18" with pallet changers
  • (4) Kitamura Mycenter X-30" x X-18" x X-18"
  • (3) Kitamura Mycenter X-19" x X-13" x X-15"


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New Equipment




  • (2) Bridgeport Vari Head



Turning Center


  • (1) Eurotech Elite 730 SLE - 8' auto bar feed, 2.75" head stock bore.  Fanuc controller.
  • (1) Miyano - 4' auto bar feed, 1.312 head stock bore.   Fanuc controller.
  • (1) Miyano BNE-34S3 10 HP 7-Axis Turning Center with Mill/Drill and 2-Tool Simultaneous Cutting plus sub spindle and bar feed

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Turning Center with Live Tooling and Sub-Spindle




  • Harrison M1300 tool room lathe with 13" swing



Support Equipment and Additional Services


  • Complete finishing and silk screening department
  • Delta/Rockwell Unisaw 10" blade
  • Thomson TNP-Prima Die cut press - 40 18" x 26"
  • Rousell 15 ton O.B.I punch press
  • Allen 5 ton & 2 ton O.B.I punch press
  • Timesaver 960-1MW wet surface grainer
  • Auto Screen Printing Press - Cameo 18" x 24" 5-way vacuum exposure table with timer.
  • (2) Palomar work station light table 27" x 36"



facilities list